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Prime Vision Optical

Our Company

Our Company

Prime Vision Optical established in 2010. Our slogan “Expertise in Vision, Promise Satisfaction“. We provide quality service regarding eyewear and eyecare. So far, as we promise satisfaction, our customers are happy with us, come and you’ll be one of them.

Our eyes play a very important part in our life.

Prime Vision Optical could provide expert guidance to enhance your lifestyle & beauty with a wide range of our eyewear products (frames, sunglasses & contact lens).


Leading in optical industry that enhance your vision in your lifestyle and beauty with our professionalism, we provide unique and quality eyewear which collaborates with styles and fashion, a friendly environment with our friendly staffs of professional knowledge.




Our slogan: Expertise In Vision, Promise Satisfaction.
As we promise Satisfaction, so far, our customers are happy with us, come and you will be one of them.


我们的口号: 专业至上,服务最佳,保证满意


Core Values

P – Priority on customer’s benefits & needs with professional services provided.

R – Responsible for customers satisfaction.

I – Integrity on authentic products.

M – Money purchase worthy.

E – Excellent service for customers.


P – Priority 提供专业服务以优先考虑客户的利益和需求。

R – Responsible 负责客户满意度。

I – Integrity 确保货源正品。

M – Money 价格公道。

E – Excellent Service 为客户提供优质服务。

CEO Profile

Alfred Ong Seng Lee (born 1981) from Sitiawan, Perak, third child in a small happy family.

In year 2006 he graduated as Dispensing Optician and work for few companies, and later decided to start doing business, with experiences gathered while working, he started a small company in his hometown at the age of 28. His first attempt on business failed but that did not deter him from doing business, never give up spirit. So he came up with new strategy, relocated his shop and restarted his business with his brother’s (SW Ong) help. Self prepared with humble, good attitude and striving to learn spirit, he managed to overcome obstacles and challenges from competitors.

His slogan: Live without fear, brave yourself to make sure win.

Prime Vision Optical Achievement:
– 2019 Top 10 Malaysia Young Icon Emerging Entrepreneur Award
– 2019 Asia Legendary Young Entrepreneur Award


Ong Seng Wei, from Setiawan, eldest son in a happy family. At the age of 21, he was still an easy going boy, aimless and ambitionless, just work and work for him.

On the year 1999, his beloved and respected father passed away due to unforeseen circumstances. He felt so painstakingly heart broken and grief the loss, From then on he decided to face reality and took up the responsibility to fend for his non working mom and young siblings.

He then took up optician course and strive to be a professional optician. Through his diligence, dedication and intelligence in optical line for 20 years, he succeeded as a professional optician.

His past record of having to wear a spectacle at a very young age helped him with a stronger determination to be a good optician. He faced a lot of problems himself when he wore the spectacle which caused him dizziness, migraine, make him uncomfortable without the proper adjustment. That triggered him to be a more appropriate optician with good knowledge and uncountable skills.

Finally he materialized as professional optician. He keep upgrading himself and have the ability to resolve challenging eyesight issues which gained him many satisfied customers.

CEO 简介

Alfred Ong Seng Lee(生于1981年),来自霹雳州实兆远,是一个幸福小家庭的第三个孩子。

在2006年,他以验光师的身份毕业,并在几家公司工作,后来决定开始经商,在工作中积累了经验,他在28岁时在家乡创办了一家小公司。虽然这家公司在一年后就关闭,但是这并没有阻止他做生意,坚持和从不放弃精神。 因此,他提出了新的战略,搬迁了店铺,并在哥哥(SW Ong)的帮助下重新开始了业务。 他以谦虚,感恩的态度和努力学习的精神作好自我准备,成功克服了竞争对手的障碍和挑战。他以感恩的心回馈团队,顾客以及社会。


– 2019 Top 10 Malaysia Young Icon Emerging Entrepreneur Award
– 2019 Asia Legendary Young Entrepreneur Award


当时年仅21岁的王胜伟Ong Seng Wei),因着父亲的离世,只好兼任父职担起了整间家。为了提升本身的资格和能力,他决定报读配镜师课程! 之所以选择眼镜业,是因为他本身曾经深受眼镜问题的困扰。那就是戴上眼镜会头晕,感觉地上漂浮, 眼睛有压力甚至造成了非常严重的偏头痛。因此他不爱戴眼镜,总是在必不得已有需要时才戴。


因此他认为眼镜是绝对不容忽视眼睛的重要配件,因此在2010年,他在眼镜业中取得在眼镜业中累积的心得,然而创立了 Prime Vision Optical。希望藉此传递有关眼镜的重要信。


Left: SW Ong, Right: Alfred Ong

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