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Bausch & Lomb Ultra Monthly (3 PCS)


Did you know that long hours of staring at computers, smartphones or tablets can make you blink less? It’s true. Reduced blink rates can also contribute to your contact lenses drying out and other unpleasant symptoms such as blurred vision, eyestrain, tired eyes and delayed focusing.

Now, you can count on Bausch + Lomb ULTRA™️ with MoistureSeal™️ to help you fight these symptoms.

Key Features & Benefits

MoistureSeal™️ technology for excellent comfort, health and vision
The lens maintains 95% of its moisture for a full 16 hours
Unique two-phase polymerisation process
High breathability and low modulus material
High oxygen transmissibility which promotes eye health
Thin edge design helps provide comfort throughout the day
Ideal for digital users


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Lens Specification

Box Contains    : 3 lenses/ box
Replacement    : Monthly Disposable
Water Content : 46%
Base Curve      : 8.5 mm
Diameter          : 14.2 mm

POWER -0.50 TO -6.00 (-0.25), -6.00 TO -12.00 (-0.50)

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